Beta beets to beat

Beat beets

The beets, the beets!

So, we are in week 13 of Beets-on-a-Green-Roof and they are mostly quite sizeable.  Remember I am working with soil depths of about 5cm to 20cm, this beet sits at about 8cm soil depth but is breaching, most likely as it hits the surface of the roof.

Beta vulgaris in 8cm depth

Still, going to watch and wait, see what happens.  This is not the biggest, just the only one that’s bolted up.  Keep in mind it is winter in the Cape, averaging at around 7°C min temp since they were sown so it’s very slow growing.  If this was solely about leaf production I would be cooking in results!

Beet leaves and mushrooms and mustardseed and garlic

Speaking of leaf production, like I said, beet leaves are much like chard and spinach (since 2003 they have all been classified in the same family Amaranthaceae, although it is still disputed and the subfamily Chenopodioideae is also accepted), high in vitamins and nutrients and they last a long time post-harvest as long as you keep them cool and dry.  Tossed with a little bit of olive oil and garlic they are delicious, and this way they keep their colour.



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6 responses to “Beta beets to beat

  1. Zay! This blog is supper cool! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas! I love the name “Bioagogee”, by the way!

  2. Carika van Zyl

    I love this, big up to you xxx

  3. Shakeelah Rossier

    BRILLIANT. well done.

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