Pestival the Bestival!

The Art of Being an Insect

Ah, Pestival.  Too amazingival!

So it has recently been announced that next years Pestival will be in Brasil (city to be announced), I am so keen to go, I am thinking of making Insecta Ceramica and going to hustle just so I can be a part of the awesomeness.  Dubbed as “The Glastonbury of the natural world” (…ok, by The Guardian), Pestival is a huge gathering of insectomaniacs.  As described on their website, Pestival “is a mobile arts festival examining insect-human interactivity in bioscience, through paradigms of contemporary art, cinema, music and comedy as well as direct scientific demonstration and educational projects.”  The key here is that it’s mobile, the festival has started travelling the world and each event sees international attendees and exhibitors.

Brainchild of Bridget Nicholls, Pestival was founded in 2006 and has enjoyed continued success. Held biennially, Pestival London 2010 saw 200 000 visitors over its 2 day event from 10 000 in its first year.

See what they’re on about:


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