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Since this blog I dove deep into the food system socio-political context.  The more I find out the more I see the issues of the world are systemic but also within each of us.  I have tried to unpack, understand and live the idea of sovereignty within my food system but also recognising that the food system is so inherently linked with every other system.  And so I unpack my consumption within the economical ecological reality.  My work is very broad and I have begun to slowly put it together on an online platform at digdeepconcept.com – it is loose and not really coherent but I’m figuring out.  It’s mostly so I can begin to understand what it is I do, or at least affirm it on a regular basis.  If you’re interested please follow the link and perhaps help me understand what it is I do.  I know that I’m looking for tangible solutions to reform the inequalities we face and I know that it is at the cultural level that we see the greatest change.

Thank you, Shukran, Gangans, Dankie,

Zayaan Khan


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