bi·o/ˈbīō/  Greek bíos “life”; akin to Latin vīvus “living”, Sanskrit “jīvas”.  bio- before a vowel, bi- combining form “biolysis” : indicating or involving life or living organisms 

apo·gee /ˈa-pə-(ˌ)jē/  Noun:  the farthest or highest point : culmination <Aegean civilization reached its apogee in Crete>

a·gog /əˈgäg/  Adjective:  full of intense interest or excitement : eager/curious <Her supporters were agog at the idea>

Qualified landscaper and horticulturist, ecosystem-facilitator, design-heavy, idea-savvy, master neologist, wannabe entomologist and mycologist, ceramicist, articulturist and certified snake-handler.  I am a Khan and I am mighty.


6 responses to “About

  1. Carika van Zyl

    You go Khan!!!

  2. Hey Khan

    I run Cape Point Chronicle, and have just left a comment in response to your comment on CPC regarding snakes. Its a great blog by the way.
    I am intrigued to see that you are a qualified snake handler because I get a lot of people contacting me through the site looking for someone in the area who can remove a snake safely for them, and I have to tell to phone the police. If you do remove snakes then I can refer them to you in future.
    ps- From experience I would suggest a comment form with a captcha facility, there are plenty of plug in s available through wordpress- it just filters out a lot of crap

    • I will look into that captcha facility, I am new to all of this, it started to cover my research but it seems so much else has happened! Thanks.

      I am busy compiling a list that a friend of mine started, specifically for snake-handling down south, I will have it by the end of today and forward it to you. It is because I am only down south for half the week and not at set times.

      Many thanks for your feedback! Hey, why don’t you do the snake-handling course even if it’s just out of interest?

      Will be in touch,

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